Our claim

Certified by the eco-Institut in Cologne, Germany

Bed systems help us regenerate. That is why it's a given that Röwa products do not burden customers' health and well-being. Röwa products are regularly inspected for possible pollutants by the eco-Institut in Cologne, Germany. We or our suppliers implement necessary changes immediately. The tests search for all known substances that are potentially harmful to health and might occur in bed systems, and ensure that limit values are maintained.

Certification by the Ergonomics Institute Munich

All Röwa bed systems are tested by the Ergonomics Institute Munich, Dr. Heidinger, Dr. Hocke, Dr. Jaspert GmbH – or EIM for short – and optimized on the basis of the results.

 Some systems are even assessed according to the Ergo-Test® directives. EIM grants an inspection certificate for the test, which has made a name for itself through its realistic standard test methods for bed systems.

The Ecco2 product line received a "Good" mark in the ergonomics test, the best mark awarded to any bed system so far. The mark is only awarded for the bed system as a whole. This means that, combined with products from another manufacturer, Röwa products are probably incapable of reaching their full ergonomic performance potential.

During the test, EIM carries out elastic function inspections and microclimatic measurements. It is all about the optimal adjustment of the bed system to the body and its breathability in terms of the correct ergonomic position.

Regular testing for safety and soundness

Meeting the needs of our customers also means consistently thinking beyond the pure functionality of products. Röwa therefore not just defines health in ergonomic terms, but goes much further – through to treating our environment respectfully.

All products and materials are tested for safety and soundness and certified by independent test institutes. The patented free elec® switching can prevent 100% of electro smog when using motorized frames. The solid timber for Röwa frames is sourced from sustainable forestry and is processed in our own sawmill. The residual wood is used to generate energy. The Röwa AirCon® Cell foam contains vegetable oils and is foamed without CFC. "Sound sleep" has a truly comprehensive meaning at Röwa. And that is not something new.