Our home

In central Baden-Württemberg, around 40 kilometers away from the state capital of Stuttgart: Rössle & Wanner GmbH has been exclusively producing in Mössingen at the foot of the Swabian Alb since 1996.

This means our operations are located in one of the most innovative German economic regions, right in the center of Europe. Hard work and inventiveness ensure growth. Traditional trades have developed into flourishing industry branches.

These include the textile, wood and metal processing industries, automobile construction, precision mechanics, optics and electronics. When we look out of the window, we look at "our" trees: the wooded hills of the Swabian Alb.

Beech wood is and remains one of our most important materials. Its qualities are second to none. Close at hand (thus reducing energy costs and transport distances), it can be processed in a number of ways.

Companies need a home, even if they move in international circles. Anyone who visits our factory can sense that we are at home in Mössingen. Röwa benefits from the proximity to nature and the high quality of life in the region.