At any given time, there is someone resting and sleeping somewhere in the world. Precise work processes run right to the heart of Rössle & Wanner .

The first production stations are the warehouse and sawmill where it smells of wood and fresh shavings. The people here are focused and concentrate hard on their work. There is also a hive of activity in all other production areas where slatted frames, mattresses and covers are created.

Instinctive and value-conscious

Out of over 150 employees, many have been part of the company for a long time. Continuity can almost be taken for granted at Rössle & Wanner . Employees develop, produce and sell "their" products, and it is easy to track who worked on the individual items. Our employees rely on their own craftsmanship and their awareness of what constitutes the true value of a product.

The medium-sized business has a classic structure

Customer and order center, development, production and logistics. At its heart are craftsmen, specialists, sales people and engineers.

Rössle & Wanner is a team effort

All our employees form a single unit. Each action is well planned and carefully implemented. The company promotes and supports awareness, including for others.