Röwa BASIC – mattresses and slatted frames

Röwa Basic slatted frame – the classic.

The Röwa Basic slatted frame, made of solid beech wood and refined with natural boiled linseed oil, is the solid and high-quality basis for all standard mattresses such as pocket spring core, foam or latex. Quality, longevity, environmental friendliness and ergonomic requirements were the basis for developing this Röwa classic. 

Added comfort.

The motorized, adjustable slatted frames offer additional comfort: They allow convenient adjustment of the back, upper and lower leg areas using the manual switch or wireless remote control. The perfect choice for anyone who wants to ensure optimal body support or simply wants to make the most of their experience.

Röwa Basic mattresses – the perfect duo.

Flexibility and firmness in exactly the right places are two aspects that determine how well the body can regenerate while we sleep. Basic mattresses offer an ergonomic solution for every type of sleeper. And they make the perfect duo for double beds: All mattresses are the same height, all covers have the same look, and all of them are perfectly matched to the Basic slatted frame with their ergonomic zones. For relaxed sleep.

Covers for well-being you can feel.

More than just a cover: mattress covers are elaborately processed fabrics made of premium textiles. You can feel straight away that they come from Röwa, thanks to their pleasant feel and softness. Each and every cover supports the ergonomic functions of the "overall mattress system" and contributes towards a comfortable micro-climate. All covers are manufactured at the Rössle & Wanner company headquarters in Mössingen.