Röwa ECCO2 – the made-to-measure bed system

The measure of all things: our customers

Every person is a unique individual. So is the Ecco2 bed system – thanks to its ultra-precise adjustment options. Height, weight, body type, sleeping habits. Every person is different. The key is finding the right sleeping position. The spinal column must retain its natural contours when lying on your side and back. This is why the Ecco2 bed system is adjusted to the body: To your exact personal measurements.

The bed system that adapts.

All elements of the Ecco2 are a perfect match: individual physical data is transferred to the slatted frame. The mattress carries over the adjustments thanks to its special geometry and elasticity. These features form a harmonious unit together with the height-adjustable neck support pillow. The final product is a bed system that is specifically adapted to its individual owner and his or her sleeping habits. A system so flexible it adapts to changes at any time.

We measure up – and you enjoy a better sleeping position.

Qualified Ecco2 specialist dealers offer a unique service: They take your personal measurements and recommend a bed system that is tailored to your requirements. Providing you with an ergonomically designed bed for a sound night's sleep.

Comfort at the push of a button.

Röwa comfort frames allow individual, convenient adjustment of the head, back and upper and lower leg sections at the press of a button. For more comfort, such as when reading or watching television, or to relieve physical complaints. Depending on the model of slatted frame, the various comfort settings are selected using a practical hand switch or wireless remote control.

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Rest assured.

Röwa not only offers maximum comfort with motorized, adjustable slatted frames, but also prevents electrical radiation in the bedroom. Exclusively available from Röwa: free elec® switching stops the flow of current when the motor is at a standstill, preventing the cables and motor from emitting any electrical interference fields. The patented system is available for all motorized designs, ensuring that no electromagnetic fields are produced and ensuring you get a good night's sleep.

Exclusive: MTS biosyn® mattress foam.

The slatted frame is complemented perfectly by the Ecco2 mattress program. Ecco2 sensitive mattresses are made of MTS biosyn® mattress foam. The Röwa MTS biosyn® foam is a high-quality HR cold foam, exclusively produced for Rössle & Wanner, which offers very high surface elasticity combined with ergonomically optimized support. The surface feels pleasantly soft and also provides excellent body support. Ventilation channels in the mattress core, combined with a breathable mesh in the mattress cover, effectively support the circulation of air. This allows the body to relax and regenerate whilst sleeping. Alongside mattresses made from MTS biosyn® foam, versions with high-quality pocket spring core are also available. The mattresses come with various firmness and cover options, thus meeting individual demands.

Everything for a good night's sleep.

The better the sleeping position, the better we can rest. It is important to support the spinal column by adjusting the pillow height so you can rest easy. Röwa neck support pillows are ergonomically shaped and can be set at four different heights thanks to their intelligent structure. The perfect sleeping position is just a matter of the right setting.