Röwa ETERA – the comfortable pocket spring core system

For a unique experience.

If your body smiles when you lie down and rocks gently, it's a matter of science and the findings of ergonomic research. With information from ergonomic research and, of course, with the knowledge of how to correctly combine all of these "sensory suppliers". With its pocket spring core, the Etera bed system combines good support with a pleasant sensation, thus creating a unique experience.

Ideas create added value.

High-quality Etera mattresses are divided into seven comfort zones created by pocket spring cores in varied, precisely defined strengths. Etera optimally adjusts to the body's every move, with gentle give or dynamic support – depending on the body zone or sleeping position. The springs are individually sewn into cotton or non-woven pockets in a sophisticated connection system that allows each spring to react almost independently, further increasing the point-elasticity of the mattress.

A sensitive partner: The Etera sprung base.

Etera enhances the specific effects of mattresses with pocket spring cores thanks to a sprung base with wider than usual double-curved slats. Individually and flexibly suspended, they accommodate the body's every move. The advantage: the slats in the shoulder zone automatically sink down to actively support the correct ergonomic position of the spinal column.

Röwa also offers maximum comfort with motorized, adjustable slatted frames and prevents electrical radiation in the bedroom. Exclusively available from Röwa: free elec® switching stops the flow of current when the motor is at a standstill, preventing the cables and motor from emitting any electrical interference fields.

Nature – nothing could be closer.

Etera and all other bed systems from Röwa feature only premium and – whenever possible – natural materials. Beech wood used for the frames of sprung bases, for example, comes from regional sustainable forestry in the Swabian Alb region and is processed in our own sawmill.