The RÖWA neck support pillow

Why the right pillow is so important.

Hours of working at a desk, tiring car journeys, hard physical work – our spinal column is put through a lot every day. All of this causes tension in the back, neck and shoulder area. The muscles need to be able to relax at night to release this tension. You can optimally support the regeneration process with perfect anatomical support for the head and neck.

A relaxed position on your back and side.

In order to be able to relax our necks while sleeping, the shoulders and head need to be in a position that allows the spinal column to retain its natural contours.
If the pillow height is right, the spinal column is straight when lying on your side. On the back, the spinal column shows the characteristic double-S curve.

Feel-good quality.

Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience. The Röwa pillow features three height-adjustable elements and offers the optimum height for all sleeping habits: The shoulders and head are in a natural position, the neck is relaxed. Its innovative foam material provides excellent comfort: The pillow remains firm, yet retains support.