Röwa Comfort Care

Comfort and hygiene in all stages of life.

Röwa Comfort Care is particularly suited to people with high hygiene demands and requirements, e.g. for children and people requiring care. Röwa Comfort Care creates the ideal harmony between a comfortable position and hygiene needs. A specially developed, modularly designed mattress cover, which is both moisture resistant and breathable, provides a feeling of perfect safety. Röwa Comfort Care is a high-quality mattress developed by Rössle & Wanner to adapt to your individual life.

Comfortable handling.

The mattress cover has a modular design. The top layers and functional layer can be freely combined and easily removed, for washing or replacement, using special zips.

Your hygiene benefit.

The moisture-resistant functional layer ensures extra protection against wetness and meets the highest demands on hygiene. It can be taken off using the zip and can be washed at up to 95°C.

Effective circulation.

Ventilation channels in the mattress core, combined with a breathable mesh in the mattress cover, effectively support the circulation of air. This allows the body to relax and regenerate whilst sleeping.

Maximum comfort.

The AirCon®Cell mattress core with plant oils provides outstanding adjustment to the body with excellent elasticity and dynamic body zone support. Even standing up is made comfortable with the integrated, sturdy sitting edge.