Röwa Pure Nature – The infinitely valuable mattress

We are nature...

Taking care of the environment is second nature to us. After all, we are part of the natural cycle. This awareness has led Röwa to make products that are in harmony with nature.

A natural sleep sensation – infinitely valuable.

For the Röwa Pure Nature mattress core, Rössle & Wanner uses the highest quality natural latex. Only ecological, healthy and reusable raw materials are used in its manufacture, and in the composition. According to the ÖkoTex®-Standard, this natural latex meets the ecological requirements for baby products.



...just like you.

Conservation of resources through infinite nutrient cycling ensures that created values are sustainable. Choosing Röwa Pure Nature therefore means making a decision in favor of health, well-being and responsibility.



"From the cradle to the cradle"

All materials in Röwa Pure Nature are reusable/recyclable and Cradle to Cradle Certified™. According to the principle of "from the cradle to the cradle", all the materials used are returned to the biological or technical cycle to create nutrients and new products instead of waste.

We bear responsibility...

Rössle & Wanner defines responsibility not only with regard to your health and sleep ergonomics, but also in terms of respect for our environment.

...Pure Nature too.

Röwa has therefore developed a mattress that offers a naturally healthy sleep sensation and can be returned to the biological or technical cycles after use to conserve resources –
Röwa Pure Nature.

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