Human Compatibility

Bed systems help us regenerate. That is why it's a given that Röwa products do not burden customers' health and well-being. Our products are regularly inspected for possible pollutants. We or our suppliers implement necessary changes immediately. The tests search for all known substances that are potentially harmful to health and might occur in bed systems, and ensure that limit values are maintained.

What can be tested?

When we view the sleeping position applying ergonomic criteria, the spinal column must be in the position of its natural contours. The head, shoulders and legs are also sensitive to the interplay of mattress and sprung base. The quality of an overall bed system can be measured using objective data, real test persons and technical simulations.
All materials we process are comprehensively tested and certified for their human compatibility. We follow our own, much stricter standards than those specified by generally approved guidelines. "Be better, achieve more" is our irrefutable motto that we also apply to our products.

Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back.

We are still young in comparison with this old Chinese proverb. Even though, you might think that our knowledge, developed over almost 100 years, would be enough. But we will never stop learning. The future provides us with challenges. These include demographic changes, combining ecology and technology, and developing products together with other scientific disciplines.

Sleep soundly

Magnetics fields, which we cannot see or feel, are produced wherever electrical equipment is operated. Electro smog has a particularly negative impact on sleep in living rooms and bedrooms, because all night-time interferences affect our health. The bedroom should therefore be carefully planned and, ideally, free of radiation.
Röwa not only offers maximum comfort with motorized, adjustable slatted frames, but also prevents electrical radiation. Exclusively used and patented by Röwa: free elec® switching stops the flow of current when the motor is at a standstill, ensuring that the cables and motor are completely free from electrical interference fields. For a good night's sleep.