Time for specialist advice

Qualified, specialist bed advisors are on hand to provide you with personal advice for a good night's sleep. They can provide you with detailed information on the right choice of mattress and slatted frame. Taking ergonomic and orthopaedic aspects into account, they will help determine your individual measurements to find the best bed system for you. Consult with one of our experts. For relaxed, healthy sleep.

Attentive and service orientated

Good specialist advisers are sensitive to your needs. They provide information and help you make a sound decision. Many of them work in family businesses and pass on their knowledge and experience. They deepen their knowledge at seminars and training sessions and participate in trade fairs and congresses. Often, they also collaborate with physiotherapists or orthopedic specialists. Your specialist dealer will guide you through every phase, from the very beginning. The final element is punctual delivery and professional assembly. If agreed, old items are also taken away and disposed of.

Logic or feeling?

Beds and bed systems from Röwa are based on tailor-made solutions with the components coordinated and adapted to the individual.

How well does each of our bed systems work as a unit? Take time to assess the result and check possible alternatives. In the meantime, our experts will determine the correct position of your spinal column and give you a final recommendation. Combine their advice with your own feeling.